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    About Kelly Komisaruk

    Kelly is a standout in her field and is the answer you are looking for. Combining over two decades of feeding therapy experience as a speech pathologist treating ARFID with her knowledge of hypnosis in treating this condition, she is able to provide a unique service to ARFID suffers all over the US and world like never before. Not only does she have the medical background to fully understand your ARFID diagnosis, she can take you through the empowering process of hypnosis and help you like nobody else is able to.

    The decision to seek treatment can be a difficult one. Infinity Hypnosis makes the process streamlined, simple, and you can be confident that you are receiving compassionate care from the most competent professionals in the field. Infinity Hypnosis can help you become the confident, strong, empowered person you were meant to be. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

    Specializing in ARIFD

    Also helping individuals with smoking cessation, confidence building, career growth, weight management, and more.

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    My Values


    Kelly will always work with you to create and customize a plan that works specifically for you and your family.


    You can rest assured that all communication between Infinity Hypnosis is secure and completely HIPPA compliant.


    Kelly understands what a unique and often times frustrating situation you are going through. Her years of experience and unique perspective on challenging feeding behavior, in addition to other concerns you may be facing, will give you the compassionate guidance you are searching for.


    Infinity Hypnosis is an honest, caring, safe, and always a judgment free place for you and your family to be able to share your concerns and experiences.

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